Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Monday was Danny's last PT session for his summer session...I know summer just started, right? Well because MA has been a pain in my back side in approving the sessions they can not see him till they get word it's ok from MA. Mind you I started this process back in MAY, thinking I wouldn't run into this problem. So needless to say I'm NOT a happy Momma! The system just sucks!! I can only hope they get their CRAP together and GET IT DONE so my lil guy can get his PT. I am highly considering looking into private therapies in the home so I'm going to do my homework and start investigating what's all out there.
Monday my in laws came down Papa n Nana to hang out with us. They got a tour of the Laundry Mat and the new house and then they came over to have dinner (take out Chinese, yum) and a slumber party. I stayed up way past my bed time chit chatting girl talk with Claudia, it was GREAT! Then yesterday the kids and I kidnapped Claudia, we met up with my Mom and Aunt Bonnie, and we SHOPPED till we dropped. I went and got my hair cut to start off the morning and then we were off. We all had a great time and the bargains ~ The full size van was FULL! 8 FULL hours of shopping ~ we had spent so much time out that they needed to stay one more night, heehee. They were up and off heading back up North early this morning. THANKS Papa n Nana we LOVED having you guys over ~ WE MUST do that more often. MISS YOU ALREADY
While we were shopping lil Ms Avrianna started to get a soar throat and lil man just wasn't his self (crying and didn't seem comfortable at times). This morning Avrianna still had a soar throat, I checked it out the it was very RED. So I called Dr Kasper's office to have her looked at today. I was able to make an appt in the morning so it was alil crazy around here trying to get us all ready and showered before we went in. As I was giving lil man a shower he was still "off" and then all of a sudden ~ SEIZURE! God I hate them even more when he's wet...timing is so bad :( He came out of it after 7 minutes but I called back to Dr Kasper's office to see if he could see Danny too just in case these two are SHARING something. Avrianna does indeed have a soar red throat with a low grade fever but no strep. Whew! I need to watch her to make sure she doesn't spike a fever or go yellow (jaundice) as with her not having a spleen things could turn south VERY quickly. The verdict with Danny is ...... he's just Danny. LOL! Ok, I'll explain that one......We are changing his seizure meds around and seeing there is no physical reasons for Danny to have crying bouts or prompt a seizure. That we are thinking it's the change in meds. Danny doesn't do well with change, he tends to make a mountain out of a mole hill. With changing the meds he could be "confused" or feeling different and that's the only way he knows how to voice his differences. Again this is NOT a definite but that's the theory we're going with on him right now. Got to love the seek n find game with a non verbal KNOW something is wrong now figure it out, sigh. While Dr Kasper was checking out his ears he was pulling out some wax that was in the way to seeing the ear drum.......the wax ended up being the ear tube. So now no tube in the left to see my first tube, LOL. Dr Kasper went over some of the images with me on Danny's brain MRI.....WOW ~ Danny you ROCK and my HERO!
Bailey (our family dog) had to go into the vet today too....I know, right? She had to have her bi annual labs done to check out the level of Lyme's disease in her system, we should have the results back in about 2 weeks.. Yeap she's got Lyme's and Allergies.....laugh with me NOT at me, LOL. While we were there we got her nails trimmed, she's so NOT a fan of that.
This morning I got a phone call from NeuroScience and the Nurse Practitioner that was to see me on the 22nd isn't available on that day any more....WHAT? So we had to bump my appt back even more to continue the diagnosis of what's up with me. *SIGH* A part of me is ok with that and then there is a part of me that is........I have soars and masses in my brain and cervical spine how long should I be putting this off? The diagnosis process is so much different when it comes to me then with the kids. I can always go into ER if I should have a change in my symptoms or if I get new ones (like I know what that would be when I don't even know what the heck I have). Funny how they will see you RIGHT AWAY when you are having a stroke or something but trying to pinpoint what, when, or how they will put it off for months. The system SUCKS!
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