Friday, June 5, 2009


First off...the top topic ME *sigh*. I'm alright bloggies! I know alot of you are worried, but honestly it really hasn't effected me. I think maybe when there is a definite diagnosis it might hit me briefly but right now I'm not acting or feeling any different. It's another thing on my list of to do is what it is and we'll deal with whatever comes our way. I'm alil disappointed as the Neurologist appt (if I want it with the doctor) wouldn't be until the end of July so I'm going to stay on with the Practitioner but that appt isn't till the end of June. I hope nothing serious happens within that time frame. There have been many could be's so far, but not limited too: MS (multiple sclerosis), ADEM (Acute Disseminated Encphalomyelitis), CNVS (Central Nervous System Vasulitis), and some form of demylantion condition as the "insulation" around my nerves in my spine have started to deteriorate. They are lead to these option as they have found lesions (soars) in my brain and cervical spine (my thorastic spine looks good at this point). WHEW! So there is alot more testing to find out why and what this really is. I've heard a lumbar puncture is my next faze. Weird way to look at it is....I'm going through alot of the same experiences that Danny has already, NEAT ~ how many Mom's out there can say that! I look at my son and say "What do I have to complain about, if I end up in a chair?" What I have won't define me or who I might take away some of my abilities but if you know me....that won't stop me! My worst fear (I try hard not to go there lately) is that I won't have the ability to care for my kids.....that would be devasting news! It's not the ability I'm worried about's my cognition or my life for that matter. I have two kids that really need their mom, hell I really need them! Well know you all know what I know....which isn't alot but just enough to get you thinking. Thanks again for your support!
Today we went out to the new house....the tile is going in and so is the ceiling lift. I'm so excited! I love seeing the look of the house come together. You see just a small sample of what thing will look like and you really never know what it will LOOK like when it's put in.
The kitchen floorI can't wait to see how this lift works......I hope it helps make Danny's daily cares easier!We also went over to take a look at the changing tables that are being made locally by Steve Lockhart (Enable Design). OMG ~ the fire truck table is going to ROCK! Tuesday the kids and I got to see the head busts of the kids that I am having made locally too by (Tim Brunn) and I am in awe, speechless (I know, I can't beleive it myself). From there we went to see the stain glass (Coventry Glass) that is completed and ready to be installed in the house. It's been a VERY LONG haul and I'm so glad the house if finally coming together =)
Here is Danny hanging around at his last therapy session. Trying to see what he will do on all fours. He did great....we just need to get a bigger and better brace, this one is too small.
This is what happens when you lend over to pick something up on the ground and the cap off of Danny's formula pops open, heehee. She smelled like formula and was so sticky....we had to give her a bath after that, poor Bailey LOL

Today I am going to order Avrianna's 2nd grade school books.....WOW does time fly. I am so glad I get to have this opportunity with her.....priceless time that I will never get back. LOVE you GIRL!! She is doing so well ~ she has excessed all of my expectations.

Tomorrow we have a get together for the 25th birthday celebration for Make-A-Wish at the Timber Rattler Stadium and then we get to watch a game. So exciting.....please pray the rain holds out!!! I will post pictures tomorrow.

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