Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cool EEG

Today had been pretty eventful.....Last night he was spiking a fever, well a fever for him. As Danny tends to be a cooler boy, his normal is 94-95. So NOW his is going the other way, and is 92.5. They are all stumped! As you can see his face is still flushed, but the rest of him is cool?? Danny can you ever do anything noramlly? LOL The doctors have been notified and are consulting as we speak if we should be more concerned as everything in the last 24 hours have NOT been Danny "normal".He had a long term EEG started this morning, in hopes to capture his new seizures and give them alil more insight to his brain activity. I know the Neuro's here were going to call down to get the images and report of the MRI Danny just had done so they could take a look at them. Maybe they will find something in there to do with his temp differences, with Danny you NEVER KNOW, heehee. Here he is all bundled up in blankets in hopes to heat his body up with his dreadlocked wire holding cap on. He was NOT impressed having this done again. SO here's our Nurse today....he totally got the short end of the stick and was stuck with Danny and I. WE LOVE HIM....hands down one of the best nurses (ok maybe the best for us) in CHOW! Thanks ~ for caring for my lil man and making our stay alil easier. YOU'RE THE BEST, Paul ~ "Seriously you didn't just take my picture". I'm trying to convince him to come up north and do nursing. But he isn't budging.

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