Monday, June 22, 2009


Danny was readmitted back up in Children's Fox Valley Hospital this morning. We were up at 1:45am dealing with breathing issues and tons of wretching. I called Dr Kasper and he wanted us to go in.....I put Danny in the shower quick and we were off. With the early hours and me running around I think I over did it.....and I ended up in ER after I got Danny siduated on the floor to get a blood patch done. I was SO disappointed with how terrible I felt and how useless I felt. My headache is starting to go away and I hope I can be more useful soon. Danny has been a good boy since on the floor, so I'm feeling like such a putz bringing him in. We still have yet to start any feeds so we'll see how that goes tomorrow. He gagged and wretched through last nights meds and this morning meds I hope tonights goes well. Well that's all for now....I feel aweful still so going to turn in. Thanks for checking in on us.

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