Thursday, June 18, 2009

Going Home! ~ Again

YAHOO ~ We are going HOME! LOVE THIS SMILE ~ doesn't it make your day?Just a quick update.....Yeap, Dr. Natalie is the BOMB! We ARE getting out of here, but not till this afternoon. The requirement is that I NEED to go to my appt first, LOL. What an awesome group of nurses and doctors up here, not only are they concerned and wanting to take care of my lil man but of me too. He did have a nasty diaper this morning that darn near cleared the floor with his sink, so they are going to culture if he has another one for the dreaded C Diff, yikes! NEVER EVER a dull moment
Danny had a visit from a therapy dog this morning.....Kaiser! Thanks for visiting Danny LOVES dogs. Notice no bipap on in the back ground....he has been off now for about 45 mintes...he is starting to struggle alil, but being off for alil while is GOOD NEWS ~ GO DANNY GO!!
I'm still working on nursing but it's going to be a work in progress.
Here he is flirting with his RT last night.....What a charmer and a flirt!?! He's a ladies MAN, LOL

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