Friday, June 19, 2009

Lumbar Puncture

Well I had my LP this afternoon...boy that's an experience I hope not to have again. Then afterwards I had to have a bunch of blood work done, WOW talk about a work up! The LP went well, after having two natural births not much can top them. It felt as if I was in back labor... alot of painful cramps in my lower back. A part of me was glad I got to experience it as it's a procedure that Danny had done and now I know what he went through. For that I feel extremely bad for lil man, I can't believe he wasn't sedated. I should have the results back as soon as Monday but probably by Wednesday. Now I'm reclined in the couch hanging low in hopes to NOT get the LP headache which I hear is worse then the LP. My back is alil soar but I'm more uncomfortable sitting around doing nothing then anything. I'm not good at sitting around watching others do things. Well it's raining so what a better day then any to have a movie day.

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