Friday, June 26, 2009


Danny got to surprise Daddy this morning when he came to visit us and bring me some clean clothes n snackies. He was cleared for having any influenza of any kind and RSV ~ and they pulled the tube out before he got here too so, even though it looks like he is hooked up to everything known to man he isn't hook up to the vent at this time.Now we are back on Bipap but at a much higher rate then he is normally on and O's. I'm so happy the tube is out...he fought it for a long time this morning. I finally said either you sedate him or you pull it out! They elected to pull it out, YAHOO! He seems to be doing really well so far. His throat is pretty scratchy n soar but I think he appreciates it being out too. They are for the most part just letting him be today and just relax. He is very cold today...with his temps only about 92-93, Danny normally is low but he is getting lower then I care for him to be. Here he is chill'n out with his Bipap watching the TV (yeap he has his own tv!)The BIGGEST concern with Danny now is will he stop breathing again and how/if his brain has been impacted. They did a short EEG this morning and the neurologist here were in contact with Danny's Neuro up North ...they decided to do a long term EEG now to see what's going on with lil man which I think might get started tomorrow or Sunday. And they are monitoring his kidney functions too, just in case. I'm not planning on getting out of here any time soon!
Well here is the new suites on Peds ICU....they are HUGE! Unfortunately after being in it for a day I've found how dysfunctional they are. So definitely has the wow factor but after really looking at it and being in the suites, I'm so disappointed. I'm truly convinced a man designed them with no real family input and is trying to over compensate for something. Cuz they have ALOT of things in the room that are not needed and lacking ALOT of things the ARE needed and very important things at that. So VERY disappointed in the new and "improved" set up.Just behind Danny's bed in the "lighted area" home away from home *sigh*

This morning I did get a phone call from Dr Price my Neurologist.....I do in deed have MS. Now onto the treatment stage. Of course with me being in Milwaukee right now with Danny my issues will sit on the back burner...for now.

Avrianna was with my sister today hanging out in the boat in the wonderful weather. I'm so jealous. She is going to hang out with Dan tomorrow and then Papa n Nana (Dan's dad) are going to spoil her rotten for a few days. Avrianna is going to have a blast.....the worst part of all this is going to get her back into reality, LOL. I'm so glad she isn't aware of the severity of Danny's illness as I'm sure she would be totally traumatized.

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Angoraknitter said...

So glad the tube is out! MS... So sorry to hear, my neighbor also has that, but gosh the most energetic wife on the block I would have never guessed she's doing soooo good. Yeah that room is big but very empty looking. We're thinking and praying for you!