Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Big Foot Walk

When we got to the park the clouds were out and it was VERY windy.  So we were freezing, within a half an hour or so it warmed up but boy the wind didn't let up one bit. Danny had some issues with the wind, but alil more venting and he was a trooper for his sisters program.  I know Danny is so proud of his sister....she is go good with him.  I'm one PROUD mom of BOTH my kids!  The Osero kids ~ our Team name Touched By An Angel ~ won a door prize because we were the highest pledged walkers today!  THANK YOU to everyone that pledged ..... what a wonderful program.  Avrianna was just tickled pink to not only show off her brother but to go up and accept the prize.  Thanks again ~ if you didn't pledge but still wanted to... they stated they are going to keep the fundraising page open for a few more weeks.  To pledge click HERE
Walking hand in hand ~ both VERY Proud to be each other! (lil tricky getting this picture by ourselves, they were going down hill, LOL)

Harriett Redman and her son, Phillip....Founder & President of the wonderful program Fox Valley Sibling Support Network.  Thank you Harriett for giving the siblings a place go and feel "normal".  What a great program!!They had games!

Better in the front seat then the back, right? heeheeThey has some therapy dogs....this one is Poppet what a GREAT dog.  I got some information from Poppets mom about the Therapy Dog program here in the Valley =)Avrianna found a new friend.....And Poppet found Danny ~ SMILES!!!!  Danny was so into Poppet...he kept turning his head to look at him (which by the way meant he has to turn his head to the left, Way to GO Danny!)  I hope to get a companion/therapy dog for Danny.  A small one that can be with Danny on his lap or/and in his bed.. a buddy that Danny can rely on :0)
Avrianna got her face painted
The TWO BEST KIDS I could ever wish for ~  I LOVE YOU GUYS!Just a quick update on the MRI status.  I did get Danny's images burned on a disk that also had the radiologists report on it.  I don't have a clue what the images mean to me yet, but the 2 paragraph report states that he has SEVERE BRAIN DAMAGE due to an earlier injury.  No doubt!  I'm glad there hasn't been any change or any new findings with Danny, but now I'm very interested to sit down and go over the images with the doctor so they can tell me what's what.
I got my MRI done yesterday and they also gave me a disk with my images on it.....again Greek to me.  The report wasn't on there, but I did get the radiologist report last night via online.  They found multiple abnormalities in my brain and neck area so I am going to have another MRI this time with a contrast and they are going to do more area.  I have all the terminology of what they found, but again GREEK to me with most of it.  So much for the "pinched nerve" looks like this is REALLY involved.  I kind of knew it wasn't good when my report was longer then Danny's, LOL.   I really don't have too many answers yet so I can't really say much.  I haven't even spoken to a doctor about the report ... just talked to the nurse stating they are going to call me on Monday to schedule ANOTHER MRI soon.  I will keep you all posted with this.  NEVER A DULL MOMENT....just when I think life is going well.  Oh well ~ It is what it is, I won't be able to change it, I'll get through this too =)  I just pray and hope I can still care for my kids .... that's what scares me the most.

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