Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Here we Go again!

I think I finally got a handle on "The Crud" in the house. I am feeling much better, but I sound worse. I'm very nasally and have a deep chest cough that's bringing junk out (better out then in, ey). Danny is congested still but I haven't seen any other symptoms like I had, THANK GOD! Yesterday I decided to strip the beds, scoured all the bathrooms, opened the windows and did a clean over of the house. GET THE CRUD OUT!! I believe I am on the right road to getting myself 100% and Danny well too. He is always congested so I'm just thankful he didn't get the full blown "CRUD" like I did, I just have to suction him alil more.
Avrianna was a HUGE help to me while I was ill. She's such a good girl! We are finishing up the 1st grade and I am ordering the 2nd grade bookwork so she can get started on that in July. We do school work through the whole year. Right now we are finishing up a book called America My World and Avrianna is so excited about that subject (much to my surprise as this was not one of my favs). With Memorial Day around the corner we are doing alot of projects geared around America and our fallen hero's :) In the next 2 weeks we start her busy summer schedule running her here and there everyday for camps. She is in chef camp, insect camp, discovery camp,and art in the park all through the Town of Menasha Park n Rec. This is her "socializing" school time so I try to get her out and around in community projects as much as possible, which makes our summer schedule even more NUTS then during the school year, but she is worth it! Avrianna is so excited for summer camps.
I went to my Chiropractic appt on Monday for the "pinched nerve" in my back/neck which is causing my rear and back of my legs to tingle/go numb when I drop my head forward. They were very nice there and what an experience to hear all the "cracking" going on. After about 1.5 hours of exam and the adjustments the doctor stated how WONDERFUL my neck and back looked. He was pleasantly surprised, with all the lifting I do, on how GREAT my back and neck looks. There wasn't anything really wrong with either my back or neck....he didn't think he could do anything for me as nothing was wrong with the structure part of me,
BUT.................. wait for it, sit down...........
I may have the onset of a neurological disease so he was going to refer me to a Neuro for further testing. At first I was sure it was a back thing and wanted him to do a couple more adjustments and see if I feel better or if it goes away, then the more I thought about it maybe I should set an appt for further testing. I'm in no rush to get the testing done. I'm totally backwards in the diagnosis faze with myself then how I act with the kids but it is what it is and I'll deal with just like everything else. I ironically have a physical with my primary on Friday so I called her to let her know what the Chiropractor thinks I might have and she was going to run some more tests on Friday when I'm there. I was able to schedule an appt with a Neuro but it's a month out....but again I'm in no rush :). Just when I get "My New Dreams" in place then WHAM the wind has been blown out of my sails once we go, life as I knew it might be OVER AGAIN. Can't even blame the kids on this one, LOL. It's all me......why! So much for thinking it was just a "pinched nerve", guess I would have rather been dealing with that then the blow I was hit with. I'll keep you all posted with what's going on when I know more.

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