Thursday, May 28, 2009

Here's a picture of Danny and his therapist during his Physical therapy yesterday.   SO BIG!  He did great.  Today he had PT and OT tag team him and he did awesome again.  Of course he was showing off today as this was his last therapy session of the school year, LOL
A Preview of just some of the paint colors in the house....and they started the stone on the fireplace today too
Nanny Checking out Avrianna's room ~ I know check out that color, WOW
Looking into the dining room ~ the stain is starting to go on the windows and the doors too :)
Guest bedroom on Main floor ~ Calily Room
Front of House
Backyard and Pool

Tomorrow I go in for my MRI.....glad that we'll be able to get a better feel of what's going on with this "pinched nerve".  I hope I will get some answers soon.
This weekend on Saturday the kids and I are going to do the fundrasing walk for Fox Valley Sibling Support Network and we are excited.  Dan is throwing a bachelor party for his best bud Tim with a few of their close friends.  I hope they have a blast!!!  We're so happy Tim and Amanda found eachother =)

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