Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

It must be a holiday weekend!!!!!!!
What a way to wake up in the a puking child *sigh*. Avrianna finally just took a nap. She's been up puking every 15-20 minutes for the last 4 hours. The poor thing! I feel helpless ~ she isn't keeping ANYTHING down. I try and remember what my mom did that made me feel better when I was we have the couch set up as a bed, with a bucket, some saltine cracker, Sprite, and movies. I was able to give her a shower in between her getting sick, changed her jammies, and brushed her hair putting in some barrettes to help hold her hair back. You can just see it in her eyes that she feels miserable and weak.
Danny has decided once again to NOT wake up. I had him outside in his swing yesterday for a couple hours and I'm chalking the fresh air up to the reason why he won't show me his Handsome blue eyes. He fell asleep around 6pm last night and it's 12:15 now. At best he was up for an hour this morning.
Last night Dan and I had some friends over for Smoked Turkey and a pot luck. What a nice time that was ~ You guys are great! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATTI!! Today is Patti's birthday and next week is Allen's so I decorated a cake for them :) Something simple, but I had fun doing it. Here is the Birthday couple....he is the local farmer so I tried to do a John Deere Tracker for him and she has a BEAUTIFUL garden hence the flowers. Hope you two have Birthdays!Other fun pictures of the evening on the deck :) Thanks was a great time, we'll have to do it again soon!
Enjoying the day outside, YIPPEE!Cuz "I SAID SO".... Danny listening to his girlfriend Lynn, LOL

Hope you all have a SAFE and HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! Please remember the real reason for the holiday (not just a long weekend) but remember our FALLEN HERO'S. Your FREEDOM didn't come has the ultimate cost......LIFE to many hero's! Thank you to our American Soldiers for all that you do.

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