Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Today is my nephew's birthday....HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY Tyler, and my father in law's birthday....Happy Birthday PAPA ~ WE LOVE YOU GUYS! On Mother's Day we went to my Mom's house and celebrated the day along with Tyler's birthday. It was a very nice day! I got to sleep in, Dan made breakfast, and we were wonderfully lazy :)
Today I decided to go and donate Plasma again...after much thought I knew in my heart it was a good thing. My heart was hurt and once I got over the emotional train wreck of days I was having I decided to suck it up and go. It was the situation not the place...I truly do respect their decision and in the long run it was a better idea NOT to have him there but it just hurt to hear if from someone else. Today was a good day donating and I will continue to donate. Both my kids needed Plasma and I know first hand how important it is. Just paying it forward!!
Tomorrow is a day of meetings for me and lil man, but they are all good. In the morning I'm taking him with me to go to a meeting in regards to the new house, then I'm taking us out to lunch. In the afternoon Connie, Griffin, Myself & Danny are going to the Fox Valley Tech to speak in front of a class of students that are enrolled in a course for Children with Differing Abilities. That is always fun.....I get to spend time bragging about my kids :)
Not too much to report so that is a good thing.....KNOCK ON WOOD, LOL
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