Tuesday, May 26, 2009

School Days

Today Danny had his last day of Speech for the school year.....I can't believe that next year my lil man is going to be in Kindergarten.  He got to show off the new proximity switch that he is going to use over the summer.  I am SO EXCITED with the results already!  Danny is showing off his stuff with this new switch, I believe this is FINALLY the one, YIPPEE.  Now it's up to me to find the most consistent spot to put it, but in just one afternoon I've found two VERY CONSISTENT areas where Danny activated his toy.  I even have Ms Maria and Mr Scott as witnesses so I have proof, heehee, I'm not just a nut job mom who thinks her son is doing it, LOL.  Danny sat up in his floor sitter chair for over on hour, engaged in play time (aka therapy time) the whole time and didn't shut down once.  This is good news....watch out you therapists, next year he is going to be a whole new boy with this new switch, more positioning tools, new computer software for him and a new house to spread his wings :)
We also discussed the IEP that we had last Thursday.  I think it went VERY well!  Everyone is playing together to make a team effort in what it best for Danny, I believe we had 15 people at the meeting.  I'm so blessed to have a wonderful team that wants to help me maintain a qualify of life for my lil man.   Next year as I said he will be a Kindergartner, but he still will be home bound with his therapies.  I just don't feel it's worth the risk of him getting sick.  Danny gets sick so easy and then it's so hard for him to recover with hopes that he hasn't lost any of what he has gained.  Plus the one on one he gets at home with us I believe is better for him then being in a class full of kids which most have alot more abilities then Danny.  I don't see it being fair, healthy, or functional to Danny being in the classroom all the time.  I did say that I would love to bring him into the classroom (when the chances of him getting sick aren't so high) when they are having something special going on or during music class and we would love to tag along on some of the field trips.  That way both Danny and the other kids can interact together.  Unfortunately the school district we will be in at the new house won't be able to accommodate Danny's needs so he will be registered within a different district.  I know for sure he will have a new teacher for the school year (a kindergarten teacher that will be doing home bound education), but the therapist ie: Speech, OT, and PT I'm not sure if they will stay the same.  I hope so ~ but will be prepared for new ones if they need to change.  I can't wait for next year....I have all these great things to use and try over the summer, plus being in the new house next year.......well SKY is the limit for Danny and Avrianna for that matter.  
Avrianna was feeling much better around 5pm yesterday.  Thanks goodness!  I was really getting worried, as she wasn't keeping anything down ~ not even ice chips.  I called nurse direct and they said if she continued to not keep anything down for over 8 hours to bring her into ER and have her checked out.  Good thing she started to turn around by 5 cuz that was her deadline.  Today she is back to herself again :)  We are wrapping up her 1st grade school year also.  Then onto 2nd grade in a couple weeks....WOOHOO!!
I scheduled Danny's cystoscope (scoped surgery for his mass that they found in his left kidney) for July 6th.  He will be admitted for 23 hours afterwards for the minimum.  Of course I made a date with just my husband and I to go see Sugarland in concert on July 8th so something tells me, Danny might put a wrench in my plans it ALWAYS happens like this.  Oh well!!   I hope to hear back from Danny's MRI next week sometime from his Neurologist.  Dr Kasper is going to order a copy of the images on disk so we can see them too :)
This week we are finally going to get started with PT at the hospital for summer therapy (someone was sick every time he was scheduled the last few weeks) and then Danny has one last OT session this week for the school and she will be done for summer too.
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Meghan said...

I still say you should check out Country Kids for therapy. Their schedules are much better and the therapists are great!