Monday, May 4, 2009


This was my Saturday's project....whew, glad that was done!! GW is stocked let me tell you. I did some serious house cleaning out. No more baby clothes or toys found here, I'm done holding onto that fantasy. The van was packed front to back and the bags were falling out when I opened the back, yeap I held onto alot of stuff. Not anymore :)We have siding going up on the house.....LOVE IT!And the pool was poured....things are happening over there! Avrianna is practicing her front stroke,heeheeMonkey see Monkey do.......Hey where's the water? I'm ready :)In the inside the insulation was blown and the drywall is going up. It's just amazing to see the house "come to life". I'm so excited to go out to the house now because we are at the stage where everyday something is different.
I am having a hard time with the outbreak of the swine flu. I guess it is the fear of the unknown! With Danny's crappy immune system and both Avrianna & Dan not having spleens I'm ON GUARD. I've decided to cancel all of Danny's out patient therapies and I have the home bound school therapist on alert, if anyone is feeling the least bit off to cancel. Right now it's just not worth the risk....again the fear of the unknown. Until there is a better feel of what this "flu" is all about we will continue to be hermits, sigh.
I'm really excited to go to Biolife for my first donation of plasma/blood, tomorrow. Both my kids needed blood and plasma so I know all too well the need. I had donated 11" of my hair on two different occasions to Locks of Love...well with me keeping the short hair look I won't be doing that donating plasma/blood is my next venture of paying it forward. I can't wait to start !!
I'm hoping this is the worst and this bruise starts to go away....augh. I can finally walk with out it hurting....geeze OPEN your EYES Lori!!Our walk is on May 30th so ~ Please pledge your donations HERE and sponsor us in our walk for the Fox Valley Sibling Support Network fundraising walk. To read more on the FVSSN.Thanks for stopping by...please comment after the post or sign our guestbook to let us know you stopped in. We love reading your posts too :)


Lorilee Sigler said...

I think the outbreak of the swine flu was hard on all of us, especially those of us with kids. I hope your little ones made it through the worst part of the outbreak okay. In happier news, your siding looks awesome! I love that it's almost exactly the same color as the roof. Was that really your intent or did you paint over the siding to get a different color?

Mary said...

Your house feels a lot spacious when you removed all the clutter. By the way, the new house looks very nice. Are you staying here now? I wonder why you've decided to use the same colors for your siding and roof. I hope you'll justify. Hehe!