Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Funny Feeling

So I think I have something wrong with my neck or back .... the last 3 days every time I bend over or move my head down I get this tingley feeling that starts at my lower back and runs down both my legs. It doesn't hurt ... it just feels like my butt and legs are asleep until I stand properly again, it's a weird feeling. I'm not sure what to do or if I should do anything, augh like I need this.
Holy increase in the swine flu cases in 24 hours.....I am so glad I cancelled all outpatient therapy for now. I can't wait till our new home is done and I have the lift, equipment and availability to keep his therapies going instead of cancelling them and waiting out what's going on in the community.
Everyday the house has new things coming along....We have Walls~
this is Danny's room
Fireplace in the Great RoomMaster bath tubThey are getting the driveway set ... these two pictures are of Avrianna in the equipment that Earth Works brought out, Dan (yeap another Dan) thanks for EVERYTHING!Dan took Avrianna for alil ride....those two! What's next a Harley? HeeheeDanny decided to take a LONG snooze he got up for the day at 4 in the afternoon. After that I gave him a shower and put him in his floor sitter....What a BIG BOY, I LOVE it when he is in this chairDo you think he ejoys playing with Elmo?

Well better get going and help make dinner....we need to beat the band of storms so we can grill our steaks. Take care! Thanks for following us!

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