Friday, May 15, 2009

"The Crud"

Last night during Grey's (which had a GREAT ending to the season) I got a soar warning just WHAM, then the chills, and this morning I'm a mess. My body aches! I cancelled my plasma donation for today, last night when I went to bed as I didn't think this was going to go away over night, sigh. So much for Danny therapies today either.... FREE day, as mom is sick. Poor thing ~ I hate it when I'm like this because I am going to limit the contact with Danny today :( . I don't want to get the therapist or Danny sick so I'm going to keep my distance with lil man and cancel therapy today. What a way to start the weekend, NOT! Next week we have therapy full force....We are going back to swim therapy, and out patient therapy on top of the normal home bound PT, OT, and Speech for the week. Plus next week Danny and I have his 3rd IEP in 6 months, UGH ~ one in December for WI, one in March for FL, and this Thursday's is to get his kindergarten goals in play in WI. OMG I said kindergarten...can't believe my baby is going to be in kindergarten, WOW. This Friday (a week from today) Danny is scheduled for a renal ultrasound, going to see his urologist, and then the BIGGY the MRI of his brain. Next week is FULL!! Well I'm going to hop in a hot steamy shower in hopes that I can "break" the "crud".

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