Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Family Members

Avrianna in her glory ~ she finally got a Hampster...shhhhh don't tell Dad, heehee.   She named her Rhinoe (pop quiz ~ anyone tell me what movie that is from?)  Leave it to my daughter to pick out the one that doesn't look like all the others.  She got a short hair Teddy Bear Hampster and yes it's an albino.  Avrianna is so excited!!
Rhinoe seems to be liking her new home, so long as Bailey doesn't introduce herself, heehee

She is already eating ..... that's a good sign, right?
And also ......... two fish.  The little one is Felicia and the big one is Penny.  
Here they are smiling for the camera, LOL.   They are trying to figure out why the floatie fish in the tank are not moving, heehee.  Cheap entertainment!

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