Friday, May 22, 2009

Productive Whirl Wind Day!

HOLY COW was today busy, but it went smoothly. This morning Danny and I went on our way to the hospital for his Renal ultra sound and afterwards to see his urologist to talk about how he has been and go over the results of the u/s. Of course they like to see the bladder full for this test..........and he peed right when she squirted the jelly on his belly, Oh well :) Once I got up to the doc appt they stated they needed a urine sample........well that would have been good info to know a few minutes AGO, sorry :) The doc came in and stated the "bubble" in his left kidney last year isn't a "bubble" he sent me down to x-ray. Danny had his MRI scheduled for today too so I needed to put the x-ray on hold to do the MRI (which he did AWESOME). I had given him his sleeping medicine (instead of sedating him) so I wanted to take advantage of the "heavy eyes". Unfortunately after the MRI was already in process I find out that no one made sure the Medtronic (ITB pump) rep was there to monitor it. UGH!!!!!!!! They did get ahold of him..........IN GREEN BAY 40minutes away and IN SURGERY! But he reassured me he would see Danny before the end of the day (which I was told wasn't a bad time frame, sigh). I should hear from Danny's Neurologist in 7-10 days with the report. I am very excited but very anxious about the results of really HOW MUCH BRAIN DAMAGE MY SON HAS. It'll be all good, I'm sure of it :) After the MRI they wheeled him across the hall and did his x-ray of his kidney. Then we went back upstairs to go over those and to hopefully be able to obtain a urine specimen, LOL. Well the X-ray didn't show any signs of this "mass" in his why don't I go down AGAIN to have a CT done. We were able to get a urine specimen to be tested and cultured, YAY, but not without peeing around the catheter, heehee. I guess he told her where she should stick it, LOL. So down to get the CT scan ~ Yes I couldn't believe it either all were able to get Danny in right away, like that EVER happens. The CT does in fact so the mass, but not in the solid form that he had thought....the doctor was thinking a BIG stone, but this is "mooshie" (like my terminology) and in a "pocket"plus his kidney has significant calcium deposits. Now we have to schedule a scope surgery so the doctor can go in and find out what this mass is. YIKES! "On a good note", the doctor says I get to see more of him......we have a comedian here, LOL. He's a great doctor but really don't want to be seeing more of him :( But will do what we have to do. Then the urine tests came back...his PH levels are WAY TOO HIGH. He believes the PH level and possibly the mass is all due Topamax (which is one of Danny's seizure meds) so here we go again....waying which one is more important? I have a call into Dr Kasper to go over today's knowledge and get his opinions. Plus the Urologist is sending a complete report to Dr Kasper and Danny's Neurologist.
With 15 minutes to spare Danny and I hopped in the van drove across town and went to my physical, oh yay! She says I look GREAT! She is alil concerned about the headaches and the tingling/numbing in my legs also so I have an MRI for myself a week from today. And because I didn't have time to eat breakfast or lunch today I was able to do all my blood work instead of having to come back....BONUS! I'm not too worried about the is what it is, my kids have shown me to NOT get uptight about the medical stuff. And we'll deal with whatever path life takes us/me......I look at my lil man and know there is NOTHING I CAN COMPLAIN ABOUT, if I have to go on with alil of what he is living so be it!
As I was pulling into the driveway home there was a man wearing scrubs in my driveway.....yeap they pump guy came to our house. HOLY CRAP! He was so very nice.....he even set off the alarms so I would know what each one sounded like...non emergency and emergency. The pump did in fact shut down when Danny was in the MRI.....but it reset itself about an hour after the MRI, whew that was good. Thanks for coming out for a house call!
Dan is off racing tomorrow so if you got nothing to due....stop on down to WIR in Kaukauna, and check it out. They have show with wheelstanders and possibly some JET cars (my personal fav).
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