Thursday, May 14, 2009

GRILL'N for the GUYS

Well here he is.....our knight in shining armor, Mike at Custom Family Homes. He has stuck his neck out and gone above and beyond the call for our family. I will never be able to THANK him enough for ALL that he has already done and continues to DO in helping with our home come to life. Mike THANKS for not running the other way and helping us take this project on full force. YOU ROCK ~ there will ALWAYS be a special place in my heart for you!!
Well it's coming!! WOW, simply breath taking. Today the family went out for lunch and grilled out for the crew out at the house. They are doing a phenomenal job out there, these guys are AWESOME! I mean look at it ~ what a great bunch of guys ~ I can't say enough about them. The backyard is even progressing....YAY!Avrianna's new trait "in training" for ~ watch out guys, LOLThanks EJ ~ Good LUCK tomorrow with the new addition to your family!

Danny had Vision and OT therapy today....he actually played with them and stayed awake n alert the whole time. Now that progress, YAY!! Tomorrow is PT along with Speech so we'll see if they get the same from Danny too.

Well I better get going....Grey's Anatomy season finale' is on tonight. Can't wait! Me,a glass of wine, and Grey's. One kid is clean and the other is "getting there" so need to wrap things up. Thanks for stopping in.

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