Sunday, August 2, 2009

Doing OK

Yesterday we had ALOT of smiles, chit chat, and longer periods of NO pain meds. Woohoo! The ONLY thing that is different this time around (for the stent) is that we have stopped feeding Danny's tummy. So my Mommy gut is wondering if the pain he has been in the last 2 weeks really wasn't from the stent but from feeding him? Now that nothing is in his tummy he is in a better mood, less pain meds, and his diarrhea is slowing down once again. HMMMM??Here she is Danny's primary day nurse....Lisa. Danny loves her! She has been so good to my lil man and to me (lol), I truly don't think I would have been able to make it this long here without her...her nursing, her caring, her attitude, and her friendship. THANKS LISA ~ WE LOVE YOU!Seeing Danny was in such a good mood and seeing Dan brought done the hair clippers.......SPA DAY! Danny got a hair cut, nails trimmed, bath, bedding change and trache cares all before noon, phew thanks again Lisa for all your help. I am going to go for a full Mommy SPA day once we bust out of here.....I PROMISE :) LOLHere's "The D Man" after the hair cut....yes Nanny the curls are GONE!Mommy hanging out with lil man in his bed watching "Cars". We like that movie!!! Where's the popcorn?

Danny is still up to his tricks don't get me wrong....spiking temps & funny rashes showing up here in there plus his blood pressures have been high since last night. Lil man is the Energizer Bunny as he was up ALL day yesterday (yeah even with the Spa treatment), hung out with night nurse Erin All night, and is still going today. It's almost 11:30 and still no signs of sleep. I hope he falls asleep soon as I know his lil body needs some rest. I sweet talked the the day crew today into ordering out for lunch. Well not much sweet talking was needed....I mentioned and everyone agreed, LOL. But we couldn't decided on just one place so Best of Both worlds I have Chinese and Custard coming heehee. What a mix but I'm excited!! It should be a low key day, but with Danny one NEVER knows. We have good nursing today too (Paul got stuck with us) so I'm confident that we can handle whatever comes our way, Bring it on lil man, Bring it on!!

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Jamie Bork said...

Glad to hear things are going better. :( - ~Sad~, no more curls. Love the "garbage bag gumby suite". LOL! Hope you keep things up and bust outta there soon.