Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cool PIC Line

This morning Danny's PIC line had nasty green goo and crusties around it. So we did a dressing change and cleaned it up. Once we lifted the white port up it was all blistered underneath and seeping. UGH! Danny didn't like it when they cleaned the area with alcohol, but I can't say I blame him for that. During the dressing change I noticed that the nurse pulled out the catheter alil out of his arm so she pushed it back in.....I'm not thrilled about that, as now if the wound was infected she just pushed the infection into his system. That Sucks! The decision is to pull this line out tomorrow morning BEFORE any serious problems occur. So Danny will be mildly sedated and brought down to IR to have this line now pulled and a new line put in his right arm. I am REALLY hoping this will not set us back and that we will still be able to go home tomorrow. Here is what his site looks like ... we had to put another Bio patch underneath the port so it wouldn't be sitting on his skin and we changed the dressing to this kind cuz his sensitive skin was pulling off with the other kind. I hope this one works better for him.Here's Dawn...she's the bomb! Thanks for making me laugh when some days I just felt like crying. I'll Miss You!I got to take Danny on another walk for alil while this afternoon after his bath. He wasn't too impressed with being in his chair today, as he cried most of the walk, but I did get him not crying in this picture. Here he is right in front of the doors into PICU. I took him down the elevator to check out the fish tank. Not too happy in this pictureAnd the fish tank wasn't top priority for him today. NOT a happy camper here either.
We went for a walk for not even an hour to come back to find his temp n heart rate drop out of the sky once again. I guess a hat and electric blanket is required even in the summer. We are not sure why all of a sudden he is dropping his numbers and in such a short amount of time. He has been on a warmer for about 2 hours now and we are not even close to what his temp was before we went on the walk. Amazing how fast he drops but it takes so long to recover. Boy I hope this doesn't set Danny back and keep us here longer.

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