Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back in Surgery

The last couple days have been crazy! Sorry for the lack of updates yesterday, but I was able to bust out of the hospital for the day to go to the new house and start the decorating process as everything is starting to come together. I left here around 9:30am and I got back at 10:30pm while Dan came down to hang out with lil man for some much needed Male bonding. When I got back I was exhausted and just wanted to crash. It was a long, stressful but productive day. I was totally overwhelmed when I entered the house, WOW. I had tears in my eyes thinking Danny came very close to not seeing HIS home. The reality of all that has happened to my lil man in the last couple months hit me like a brick. Then reality hit of how much stuff I had to do in such little time....I went into GO mode! Don't forget to stop by the house during the VHBA Parade of Homes to check out our home, by Mike VanHoof Custom Family Homes.
Danny is finally in surgery.....only 5.5 hours late, but "Git-R- Done". Right around 1 this afternoon of course lil man got VERY irritated and spiked a fever. DANNY!!!! So I gave him a cool wipe down, the nurse gave him some additional pain meds, and we hoped for the best. By the time the OR was ready for him his temp did come down alil but he was still high (rectally) so we pulled the rectal probe and he was good to go, shhhhhh. Last night and this morning he started to wretch again on only 5-10cc of meds in his tummy so they ran a PH level of his tummy contents and IF the prevacid was working his level should have been about 6, Danny's was 2 so that isn't good at all. Which I can now chalk up another reason for his discomfort, sigh. I can only hope after GI does their thing we get some much needed answers gut wise for Danny. First off tonight Urology is going to pull the stent and blast the stone on the right side. Finally taking care of the kidney issues so we don't have to worry about that. Then GI will come in and they are planning on doing on Endoscopy (scope going from mouth down into tummy) and a Colonoscopy (scope going from butt through intestines) with doing some biopsies in hopes to find answers to Danny's wretching n diarrhea issues. I believe tomorrow they are planning on taking him down to IR and having them put in a G-J feeding tube before we start to attempt the feeding again. Surgery should take about 2.5-3 hours so I should see him back in the room in about an hour. Danny was just miserable today so I was glad they were able to still get him into OR tonight as I'm not sure what we were going to do with him over night he was so uncomfortable. I will post once he gets back to the room and settled in!

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