Monday, August 31, 2009

Getting There

WOW does the time slip away from me the last few days. I've gotten alot accomplished at the house...well at least with what is here. The other house is still full of stuff that needs to be brought over. I've gotten to the point that I can keep up with the loads that are being brought over. Once they get here I put the stuff away right away, doesn't mean the stuff will stay where I put it, but it's in the close vicinity and out of boxes at least. The OCD has kicked in full gear and the boxes were stressing me out, BIG TIME. I NEED order and organization ~ Hello my name is Lori and I have a problem, LOL!!
I started my MS treatment on Saturday. The nurse was nice enough to come out to the house and show me what and how to do it. WOW ~ not the painless way of doing it, but it has the lesser of side effects from the other options. I have to give myself daily injections which doesn't hurt at all, but afterwards for about 10-15 minutes it stinks like crazy. All most like a bee sting! I hope the treatments sets this MS at bay for awhile. With all the hustle and bustle around here my symptoms have gone into over drive. I've gotten very weak, my left leg seems to drag more which causes me trip over it often, and my sight is not the best. I see double and very fuzzy at times. The nurse wants me to call the doctor some time today to see if I should go on a 3 day dose of steroids to get the swelling down in the brain (active or enhanced lesions) down.
Avrianna is so happy to be going to school tomorrow. Which makes this decision alil easier to deal with. I know she will have a blast and do great, but it's not with me and and the bond that we share I'm afraid will dwindle. I just loved watching her learn new things and me being apart of it. WE will do great, I'm sure.
Danny is doing WONDERFUL! The last two days have been great! He has been in his chair most of the day, helping me organize. The TPN is going well and the feedings Dr. K and I have already started to increase, woohoo. We are starting the wean him off some of the sedating meds and pain killers, so I'm very happy about that. Nursing has gone without a hitch. It still is going to take some time for me to get use to, but I'm a work in progress :)
I am hoping now that tomorrow Avrianna starts school and with the nursing around I will have more time to blog. I miss you bloggies! I am going through blog withdrawal, LOL. I have some awesome pictures of the house and some of the kids so I'm hoping to get them up on here this week. Thanks for being there for me, we are getting there....slowly but surly we are getting back to "normal"

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