Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stablizing - 2nd post of day

It's 2:30pm and Danny is resting comfortably, FINALLY. His numbers are finally stabilizing and some are starting to drop, not like we would like them too, but at least they are not rising any more. Heart rate, temps, blood pressure, and breathing rate are all still high for Danny but he is "work in progress" right now. He was put back on the PCA pump for pain and I think that is having alot to do with his calmer demeanor. His bleeding seems to have subsided as bright red isn't coming out of the Foley catheter or g-tube extension, it's more brown which is an indicator that he has stopped bleeding. We started giving him more Prevacid as the PH level in his tummy was 2 instead of 6 so I am hoping that is helping his discomfort. We haven't seen any more seizures then the one this morning, I so happy for that. I haven't heard if any of the blood, urning or secretions test have come back yet, but as long as he continues to look better, ...I'm better as he sure was stressing n freaking me out this morning. I'm almost positive Danny isn't going to get his G-J tube today because his number are too high and not stable enough for another procedure today. I will post again later if I find out anything

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