Friday, August 7, 2009


Danny got his GJ tube today. Not only does this tube allow us to put things in his tummy but it also allows us to bypass his tummy and put stuff in his intestines. So now that his tummy isn't tolerating food n meds we can put it in his intestines so hopefully he can get off the IV nutrients of TPN n Lipids. They already started feeding lil man via the J keep your fingers crossed that this works! It's been very quiet here today. Danny has been sleeping pretty much all afternoon. He is in alot of discomfort so it's a good thing he is sleeping. I haven't heard anything with his cultures as to what is brewing but they did say they found yeast in his system. Not sure what that all about or what they are going to do about it. I know they have ordered another test so we'll see what tomorrow brings. Right now his numbers are more Danny like, so I'm very happy about that, but I also know how fast things can change.

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