Thursday, August 27, 2009


So sorry for the lack of updates....and the shortness of this one. WE ARE HOME!! Woohoo!! I just got internet yesterday hooked up to the house so I wasn't able to post, plus today is the first night I actually sat down for more then just a few to relax. It's been very exhausting and overwhelming for me. Not only to get Danny in line, but to be in the new house, trying to move, and my MS acting up. I am praying for a good night since we've been home things have been touch in go. The fist night home I thought for sure I was going to have to load him up and head back. His heart rate was high, he spiked a fever, and he was breathing terrible. This all started about 2am and this started up again this morning too. We found the humidifier wasn't working properly, instead of giving heated humidity it was just blowing hot air out drying him out. I've had to replace 2 traches in the last 3 days so Danny was primarily on his HME to keep him humidified till we foudn the issues. Today Danny's nurse found the problem and now ALL is GOOD! Lets hope for some sleep!!!

I have had so many people come in the house in the last 3 days, I feel as if I'm being pulled in each and every direction. I so can't wait till we are moved totally in, the lil quirk's about the house have been dealt with and I have Danny's nursing down.

Today I went in and enrolled Avrianna into 2nd grade at Lakeview Schools....I have a very heavy heart. Afterwards I took her to the store and got all her school supplies and on outfit, thinking that would make me feel better, but no go. I came home and pretty much just pouted. I'm in a tail spin right now and not sure which way it up.....this is not helping the MS at ALL. So I've stepped down and instead of living in denial I've hung up my teachers hat, sigh. I don't want Avrianna to fall behind and I'm afraid I won't have enough to time or energy right now for her schooling. I'm really upset about it, but hoping for the best. Avrianna seems to be very excited about it :)

I will try and post more tomorrow. Danny just fell asleep so I'm going to crash. I don't think I will remember my head hitting the pillow. Sweet Dreams!


Jamie Bork said...

Hello Osero's!

Avrianna I am so excited to hear you are going to Lakeview School! That's the elementary school I went to. I hope you have a wonderful first year there, I have a lot of fond memories from that school. Have a great year!

Amy said...

Hi Lori,

Glad to hear you're home & starting to settle into the new house. Lakeview School is awesome! We love it there. If it helps, Avrianna won't be the only
2nd grader with a special needs brother at Lakeview. My daughter, Morgan, is in Mrs. Van Duzer's class this year. Who is Avrianna's teacher?

Amy (Rosenthal) Randall