Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vanco - 3rd post of day

It looks as if the day is going to end with the same trend as it started today. Danny's fever started to increase once again so they have started an antibiotic called Vancomyocin about 2 hours ago. We won't get the culture results, from this morning, back for another day so to be safe they wanted to start him on something. The increase of Prevacid seemed to have helped regulate his PH level in his was 5 this afternoon so we are alot closer to 6 then yesterday. He has been sleeping alot this afternoon but his numbers didn't go down much even with the sleep, then they stayed put for awhile, and now he is slowly starting to increase again. Danny wasn't stable enough to get his GJ tube today, but tomorrow is another day. What a road this has been, 6 weeks today we were brought down here by ambulance. This has been the longest stretch of hospitalization Danny has ever had and I will be so GRATEFUL once we are on our way home. I can't wait to show lil man his new home ~ I think he is going to LOVE it!

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