Friday, August 21, 2009

Night n Day

Well today started so terribly wrong, but with some AWESOME care, Thanks Mike, Danny is doing FABULOUS! It's night n day how my lil man is doing from this morning till now. Mike had his hand full this morning, but took charge, and got things done....even with Danny not feeling well he managed to smile at Mike a few times today and believe me those are not easy to come by. Danny got a new trache and his breathing started to get alil better. Then we pulled out the GJ tube and inserted his old style G tube. Our long term goal is to get him to feed back on the G tube again so I though now was a good opportunity to give it a try. If it doesn't work we can have the GJ put back in on Sunday. Which by the way he is doing wonderfully with the feeds n meds in his tummy right now. I hope this trends stays! Throughout the day his heart rate, Blood Pressure, temps and breathing rate came down. This morning I was looking at the monitors and not one number was up there that made me feel good, now tonight they are ALL perfect. I think Danny was so upset as everything was snowballing on him that it took awhile for his system to relax and come back to "normal". Thanks again Mike for sticking with my lil man, giving him great care, and most of all dealing with ME.
I was really working on Mike to see if he'll come up and do some Home nursing for us :)
Danny has his primary nurses all weekend so I have no doubt things will get handled and that I can breathe easy. It's always a good feeling when we get our primaries....less stress, GREAT cares, and always a good time. It makes the stay here ALOT easier when his primaries are on. Thanks Lisa, Paul, Stacey, Erin,Monica, Mike, Vikki, Mary and Tammy .... you guys have taken such good care of my lil man, I don't know how I would have made it through this LONG stay without your support, kindness, caring, and attitudes. Thanks for putting up with ME! You guys will forever hold a special place in my heart.
Tomorrow looks like we are ALL going to the ZOO, Horray! I will post pictures tomorrow night after we get back. I'm so excited to be spending some quality time with Dan and Avrianna as a family....ALL together.
Sweet Dreams n Good night! Thanks for following our journey's. Please post or comment to let us know you stopped by, we love hearing from you too. Take care!

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Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

hey guys,
just caught up on everything! i pray that the trip to the ZOO will be so much fun!!!
love and prayers,