Monday, August 17, 2009

Yesterday was up n down with lil man. His secretions were out of control but his feeding and other GI issues were stable. They changed the regimen of his breathing treatments in hopes to get a better handle on his secretions. They were terrible yesterday! He was breathing very fast and got feverish because of how wet n junky he was. They did do an xray and trache aspirate culture just to be sure he wasn't brewing something. So far nothing significant to report. All is better today, but it's still a work in progress.
Dan came down to visit yesterday which was a nice twist to a lonely day. Unfortunately Danny wasn't stable enough for me to feel comfortable to leave him, but we did get down and get a bite to eat at the cafeteria together. Avrianna didn't come with as she is hanging out at my sisters playing with my nephew and having a BLAST.
Danny's Liver function (GGT level) came back out of wack..... normal levels are 15-85 but his is 1021, WOW! So now there is concern about his LIVER. Ok ~really? The doctors have decided to stop the flucanizol (yeast treatment) as that could be a drive to some of the increase and the last cultures have shown that the yeast is gone anyways. The big drive is the TPN n Lipids.....this sucks! So we'll see what Thursday's labs come back as to see if dropping the treatment made a significant difference. If not GI will have to get more involved as then we need to start looking towards the TPN. Keep your fingers crossed!
The Parade of Homes is off to a great start. There was a wonderful turn out this weekend. Many were very impressed with the accessibility of our home. Woohoo, I hope that our home can give some insight to helping out others with trying to access their homes. If you get a chance to stop in to see our new home in the parade let me know your thoughts. The Parade will be done on the 23rd and then we can move in, I can't wait and can ONLY HOPE we'll be home soon.

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