Monday, August 17, 2009


I'm excited that tomorrow morning I will be leaving the hospital for a few hours to hang out the Avrianna and Dan. I plan on going out the new house and checking it out, I can't wait to see how the decorated it up. Then we are going to go out for some "REAL" food, YUM, I so can't wait for that. If the weather is nice I would love to take Avrianna out Mini Golfing, she's really good at it and I really need some time with her. From there.....who knows maybe even a pedicure and some shopping. My mom is going to sit here with my Lil Man tomorrow so I'm sure he will be getting somewhat spoiled with attention. Our summer is gone and I haven't been able to do anything with Dan and Avrianna. I hope that once we are home Danny is going to do awesome so we can make up for some our lost time together.
Today was very low key and boring. BORING is good, I Like boring! I crawled up into Danny's bed and we watched TV together most of the day. Other then the GGT level (Liver function) I wrote about before there is nothing new to report. I know AMAZING right? So when you don't see posts tomorrow .... it's cuz I flew the coop for awhile. I will post tomorrow evening or Wednesday with all of our festivities.
A TOMAHAWK POLL ~ there is this running "joke" bewteen Dan and I.....I had NEVER heard about Tomahawk, WI (Dan grew up there) before in my life till I met Dan and since then it seems like everyone and there brother+ knows, has been, or lived there. It's so amazing I just have to laugh when people say that they know Tomahawk, it's so small but SO MANY people know about it. So I ask that you post or comment about your experiences with Tomahawk, WI. I think it would be fun to see what, why, or if you know about this beautiful lil town.
Well turning in for the night...tomorrow is going to be long but refreshing and invigorating to hang out with my family for awhile. SMILE!!!!

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