Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sleeping Boy

Well I can defiantly tell lil man has something brewing. He slept most of the afternoon yesterday, all night last night and has been out most of the day today. His urine cultures still show yeast and it did grow out an infection, but lab forgot to report what bug grew out in the culture. DAH!!!! So the floor docs are looking into it....the bet is that it is the VRE that has flared up. In a way I hope so as then we can be treating it and we can be out of Isolation when in the hospital. The blood cultures haven't shown any growth, Yippeeeee. And the trache aspirate still only shows psuedemonas, but he had that even before the trache was put in. He has thicker secretions today, we are keeping a close eye on him, and we might send in another aspirate culture down it's that thick :(
It sounds like Danny will possibly be going home on TPN n Lipids. As now they think this is going to be a very long haul for him and this gut paralysis might be more then just a "break" from all of what has happened to him lately. Danny's bowels are just not working properly yet and there is some concern when or if they will start back up....his bowels will have awesome sounds like he is going to explode and then there is nothing. It took two babylaxes to make him go yesterday and he BLEW, WOW. All liquid still no substance at all, so his body isn't absorbing yet. But if you think of it....that takes talent to hold all of that liquid in. He is doing better today with the Zophran on board for the retching so they are making it a scheduled med instead of an as needed cuz it's ALWAYS needed.
The GJ tube isn't as effective as they had hoped not only for the feeding aspect BUT it the G port isn't draining well. It's like the port hole is stuck up against the wall as we have to manipulate the tubing alot to get it to drain out. We have been trying to drain the G port for a day in a half with alot of bile, secretions, and blood coming out. His belly is still actively bleeding so we are looking into the cause or reasons for that. AUGH! Just another thing I have to deal with.
Dan is going up to Tomahawk today and retrieving my princess. She's been hanging up there with Papa n Claudia for the last 2 weeks. Can you say SPOILED ROTTEN, but that's what grandparents are for. Spoil them and send them home, right? Then she is for a fun fulled week at Gym Camp. She a busy girl....I'm not sure where she gets that from, LOL.
Well the house is getting wrapped up with odds n ends as the 15th is the start of the VHBA Parade of Homes . Click HERE as they updated the info for the parade today on their site. Hope you enjoy the Parade!

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