Friday, August 7, 2009


Last night Danny seemed to calm down alil....his fever did come down some, but it's still high for him. Once he woke up it shot up like a rocket so once again he was packed on ice, sigh. I just hate that, but it did seem to do some good. All that must have worked out his body as he is taking a nap already. Funny I couldn't get him to sleep for days and now he is sleeping alot...Happy Medium Danny Happy Medium, would be nice. This mornings preliminary reports on his cultures are showing elevated white blood counts and his CRP still climbing so it looks as if this is an infection brewing not just a I'm pissed off episode. They have changed his antibiotics from the Vanco to two other broad spectrum we know he has VRE and if this is the cause of the fever VRE doesn't work on Vanco. Welcome Diarrhea I'm sure if it, UGH!! They pulled out the Foley Catheter to ward off any other infection issues. Danny is pretty junky at the moment but I think it's do to the trache change the nurse and I did this morning. I was told that he is going to go down today attentively around 2 to have the GJ tube placed. At least he won't wretch with the oral meds we have to give him. We switched most back to IV but there are a few out there that we can't.
My heart is heavy.... I'm beyond stir crazy and I miss my family SO VERY MUCH. I feel awful that as I am sitting here as Dan is taking on the brunt of the new house building and moving. It's hard enough to do together and now he is flying solo. I do what I can, but it's not much. I worry he is, if not already burnt out. I'm on a mission once again to see if I can get Danny transferred back to Children's of Fox Valley. I will be closer to home, be able to help out more with moving, I can have people help me out watching Danny, I can start my MS medicine that is still sitting on the counter, and I can be closer to my family. I'm not too sure how lucky we will be with that but it's always worth another try. I think lately if I didn't have Bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all.....when will this turn around for us!
10 years ago today my Luck was different.......I went on my first date with Dan. I saw a side of him the not too many people get to see and I was hooked ever since. It was such a good day, we had a great time spending the entire day and most of the night together. We've been together in the good times n bad even before we were married. He has stuck with me when most guys would have just RAN from all the chaos. He is a good Man ~ Thanks for taking me out for chili, my life changed that day.
I will post again later....with any news.

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