Monday, August 24, 2009


Danny is being wheeled back up to the room from getting his new PICC line. Then we are still planning on being discharged at noon. YIPPEE ~ HORRAY! I will try and do another post yet today, but we'll see how smoothly everything goes once home. We are moving right into the new house so that in itself will be an adjustment, but a good one at that. I will be having alot of visitors coming today to bring me supplies and go over the instructions to the new machines so it will be all VERY OVERWHELMING at first, but I'll take it over staying here. Thanks again EVERYONE for all of your support while we were in the hospital. I wish I could say he was better, but we are not there yet. Please continue to keep my lil man in your thoughts and that he will be back to his self again real soon. Signing out as Mom and will sign in back later as Nurse, lol

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Angoraknitter said...

I hope that being home will be the boom you'll need to get things going better again. I'm glad to hear you're finally breaking out of that joint.