Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Danny pitched another curve ball today. I can't even believe this! Danny blew up like a balloon today...now he's a husky "puffy" boy :( I noticed this morning that his arm was bigger then normal. So the nurse measured it and yes in deed it blew up by 1.5cm in diameter. Then while looking over the rest of his body I found both his arms, hands, feet, and legs were significantly puffier. To the point that they were getting hard. We decided to weigh him and his weight was 63.8 HOLY SHIT, he's gained 9lbs in 1 month and 5 of them were in the last week. The doctors came in and they were thinking about not doing the scope today, cuz he's that bloated. I was so upset I had to leave the room. Are you kidding me? Come on, seriously how much more can we take. So when I went for my "breather" the GI docs hung around to look at ALL of the puzzle pieces with Danny's GI tract issues and they've decided to go ahead with the scopes and do more biopsies. UGH! Now GI FINALLY thinks Danny has a serious GI issue and they are going to run more tests today. Really? Seriously? Hmmm haven't I been telling them that.... oh that's right it's their idea now so it's warrantable. I heard they were going to give Danny lasex again to see if he can pee some of this extra fluid out, but they haven't done it as of yet.
The Scopes were done in his room so I got to see them as they were getting done, I thought it was neat to see everything. I got to see what the G tube looks like from the other side and how the J tubing runs into the small intestines. Well we found the source of the bleeding....he has gastritis (ulcers) in his tummy and all around the pyloric valve (where the J tube enters the intestine) was red. I heard they were going to start the Carafate in the tummy to start to coat it and stop the bleeding, but that too hasn't been started as of yet. So it looks as if the GJ tube isn't a good match for Danny, but right now it's still in until all the doctors have spoken and they get a game plan. I'm just sick to my stomach about all this. My head is spinning and there is still no end in sight.

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ferfischer said...

You don't know me, but I've been following. Anyway, I know you're dealing with a lot lately, and I just want to let you know to hang in there, and I'm thinking of you.
Jenny (cici's mom)