Friday, August 21, 2009

Work in Progess

Last night I could tell Danny wasn't himself. His sats were in the 80's and his heart rate was increasing. I was hoping it was just a thing and it would pass., but his morning he wasn't much better and then WHAM he went south and fast. We ended up doing a trache change to see if his breathing would improve as he was breathing so fast. It did help some but I think his system has been working so hard and he was so upset that it is going to take awhile to get him back to base line. His sats are in the lower 90's which is ok but not were Danny tends to be, he continues to breath faster then normal, his heart rate is better, and the fever started dropping. Because of Danny's fever and respiratory status this morning they took an xray which I am getting different answers too. One report says fluid in the lungs and then the Doctor says it's nothing to be worried about. They also did another trache aspirate to see if anything is growing in there so we'll see what that says. A Work in Progress! Danny's G port on his GJ tube clogged once again this morning...and after multiple attempts it didn't clear the clog. The decision was made (by me) to NOT put in another GJ tube at this time....we put back the G-tube and we are going to see how well he tolerates it. Keep your fingers and toes crossed this works. I hate that there is no easy answer as what to do, but attempting the G tube just seemed to be a good idea. They were going to put Danny on the schedule to have a GJ tube back in on Sunday so if this doesn't work we are no further behind if it doesn't but we'll be ahead if it does.
I am hoping to speak with the ortho doc before we go home about Danny's back films that we took a couple days ago, but I haven't see him yet.
Tomorrow we were are ALL (Danny has a 4 hour sanity pass) suppose to go to the Milwaukee Zoo, but I'm not sure what is going to happen now. I am hoping for the best. Along with discharge as that is still suppose to happen on Monday still but I'm staying cautiously optimistic.

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