Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ortho follow up

So about 8:30pm tonight Danny's Ortho doc came in to talk about Danny's xrays that we took last week. Um.......Go Home Dr Tassone! He ROCKS ~ A WONDERFUL WONDERFUL doctor! With that being said he didn't have any good things to report. Just as we thought Danny's right hip (the one that we JUST had surgery on to repair in December) is "grossly" sublexed. It's pretty much back to where it was when we went in to repair it, UGH! My heart is heavy and I feel sick, that was a HUGE surgery for all of us and for it to be a wash already, ok that just SUCKS! Could it be the cause of Danny's discomfort lately, sure but we are not totally positive it's just the hip as the ITB pump has caused Danny problems also. Dr Tassone gave me a few ideas of manipulating Danny's hip, when we he is in a better mood cuz when Dr T was in the room tonight Danny was already crying for whatever reasons we don't know. If Danny shows signs of discomfort doing the maneuvers then we could bring him in and inject his hip with a numbing agent and see if the pain is better. NOT A HAPPY MOMMA!
Here are some xrays I had of Jan '09 showing the hip in with all his hardware.....along with the ITB pumpHere's another xray of Jan '09 showing the curve in his spine......which now is different then this too.Then on to his Dr Tassone said about a year ago when his back was "stable" that when it goes it is going to go....well it went. His curvature was approx 48 degrees of a bend to the side in Feb. and now it's 65 degrees. The comment was the Scoliosis and Kypho are also "grossly" different. I forgot to even ask what degree the kypho (the bend towards the front) was. But by this time in the conversation I am just sick to my stomach. I wonder if that has any correlation to the ITB pump catheter continuing to slide out of his spine at such a rapid rate(don't even get me started on that)? A good question that I will have to ask Dr. John tomorrow. Dr Tassone would like me to bring Danny back down, "once the dust settles" to have him recasted for a brace.
After thinking about I don't think bracing would be an option I'm really going to do with Danny. It might change but right now, I just can't see having him in this uncomfortable brace day in & day out to do what? It won't fix the's in "HOPES" to hold the bend where it is and not cause it to go further. UM......NO, Don't think so.
I'm at a loss here. So I guess I'll look to all of you bloggies out there that have been in my shoes and get some feed back on what worked or didn't work for you guys. Do you brace? Do you do surgery? He can sit in his chair with a bend, but when or does it hurt? I'm just sick of all of this......why does this keep happening to my lil man? Can't he be cut a break once, seriously? Where is the fairness and justice in all of this? Put him through surgery after surgery. To just be knocked down time and time again. My heart is broken :( I just cry out for my Lil Man! I'm so proud of him and just wish I could take his place and give him a "normal" life, give me all the pain and disabilities. Is it too much to ask for Danny to be cut some slack.....THIS is NOT fair!

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