Saturday, August 15, 2009

Parade Day

I'm having a Minty Mocha, strawberry Belgium waffle kind of day :) ... Celebrating the first day that my new home is in the Parade of Homes. Wishing I was there to see it off for the showcase, but this is as close to second as I'm going to get. All the hard work and stress is finally coming to an end. Thanks for all of your help and hard work Mike, the house wouldn't be where it is today if you didn't step in and take the reigns. I hope you guys have a wonderful time with the Parade.......Miss YOU too. LONG HAUL ~ GREAT WORK ~ GOOD JOB!! I recommend HIGHLY Custom Family Homes, thanks Mike!
Danny is doing ok. He had a higher heart rate and he was feverish ALL last night, but he is starting to come down. Danny woke up around 2am so the nurse gave him some benadryl and he fell back asleep till 6....that's alil better. Yesterday he started to really stool out so they had dropped his trophic feeds back down to 5ml/hr and since then it slowed down. We are going to keep his formula at that rate and continue to have it go into his J port in hopes to kick start his GI system. So far Danny hasn't started to wretch with changing over his meds to oral (all in the G tube) from IV........but we still have more to go. GO DANNY GO! If things go well, I've asked that we be released no later the the 23rd. So cross your fingers! Again it will only be a lil BREAK from the hospital setting and then we will reassess what to do with increasing his feedings in September.

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