Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Surgeries Completed

Danny is back to the room....or should I say my balloon is back. Boy do they really blow you up for the scopes. He is doing well right now, we had to give him some additional pain meds he just isnt' comfortable yet, we're having to suction him alot, and he has a Foley Catheter in as he is draining a significant amount of blood from that n his G tube. Tomorrow is another day :)
Urology ~ took the stent out and he said he got a wonderfully clear look into the kidney. There was no stone in his kidney but Dr D did find a pocket of goo floating around in there. So his thought was the 'spot' in the kidney may have been the pocket of goo or the kidney tissue may have calcium deposits in it. Well either way we are done manipulating his willy wonka for a long time now, phew
GI - did an endoscopy and colonoscopy. Again what a BIG balloon Danny was when he came back from the OR. The doctor already came in and stated he didn't see anything wrong with the upper or lower GI tract. The doctor did do a couple biopsies and we should have the results of them by next week. I think that is were most of the blood is coming from, right now. So the game plan in play is to have Danny get a GJ tube and start the feeding process with a formula that is easier to his system.

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