Saturday, August 22, 2009

Milwaukee Zoo

Danny is dressed and out of the room for the first time in 2 months....HIP HIP HOORAY! Unfortunately we needed to return back to the room today, but we made the best of of our time away.Avrianna was all excited that Danny and I are riding in the van with her. We waited patiently in line in the van to get to the entrance of the zoo. There was a very long line to get in....the zoo is about 5-10 minutes from the hospital and we took about an hour from door to door. The back up was because the zoo had an Ala cart (bunch of local restaurants with tents there) going on so everyone and their brother went there.
Don't they both look so good! Danny was a Rock star he didn't have any blow outs and I only suctioned him two times and that was just cuz I thought it had been awhile since, but both time much to my surprise he really didn't need it. Avrianna and I were attached at the hip .... skipping and hopping around hand in hand. I really Miss Her! The flamingo's were beautiful!Here they are checking out the penguins....."Look Mom there's the one from Happy Feet". LOLDanny sporting his new Milwaukee Zoo hat and Avrianna showing off her new dog.The weather was good....for zooing it. It was cooler out which I prefer when Danny is out cuz then he doesn't bake n over heat in the sun. We had a wonderful time getting out of the hospital and being together as a family. I LOVED IT! My heart was heavy when we headed back....I REALLY wanted to just drive home and say "ooops, I forgot" LOL. But we came back *sigh*. Danny decided to protest when we got back and started to be very uncomfortable, whimper in his sleep, heart rate hung in the 50's, and his temps dropped down 93.8. When we left he had a great heart rate and his temp was 98.4, WTF? Guess this is his way of saying get me the HELL out of here., Can't say I blame him. Guess he just got too chilly with being out, I had not only a shirt on him but a sweatshirt jacket, and then I wrapped him up in his fleece tie blanket. You would have thought that would have kept him warm. Guess NOT! We have him on a warming blanket right now in hope that once his temps goes up so will his heart rate.
Tomorrow is pretty much just a "holding day" for us just because they don't like to be discharged on Friday-Sunday. So Monday we should be busting out of here late morning early afternoon and we're going to move right into the New house. Can you say excited! I will have a very busy few days trying to get a new routine going with Danny, training some nurses, and getting the houses organized. Phew I will have ALOT on my plate for awhile that's for sure.
I haven't heard how the Parade of Homes as done this week yet, but I can guess from the buzz around that it has had some heavy traffic. I hope that our home and hard work with the design gives other sight and ideas that could potentially help others with there needs. Once I get all setting in I will post pictures of the inside.
Well my couch/bed is calling me....all this fresh air today and I'm wiped. Guess I am getting OLD. I am in much need of a massage and a make over! 2.5 months of sleeping on a couch isn't my cup of tea and being over a month over due on a hair cut, well let's just say there is a good reason why there are no picture of me from the zoo on here....can you say Shaggy Dog. It's to the point where I am contemplating if I should just start to grow it out again.

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