Friday, July 31, 2009

Set Back

This morning Danny continued to wretch and have diarrhea even with having only Pedialyte through the night. He wasn't tolerating any of his morning meds in his tummy either, sigh. So he is back on IV meds and tomorrow they'll be starting him back on TPN n Lipids once again. It's So Sad, I was prepared for a set back, but not this FAR back. Back to ground ZERO ~UGH!! Today he has been peeing like a race horse ALL day and he is now at about 1300 negative output vs input. The day nurse did question his amount to the attendings that were on today, but they didn't seem too concerned....UNTIL we got to the night shift. They have done blood n urine work ups to check his electrolytes, cultured and they are looking if he's got an infection brewing. The night nurse "dipped" he urine and it had shown multiple red flags for infection, WONDERFUL (sarcasm)! We should know more in a few more hours. Danny is scheduled to go back to surgery on Wednesday at 1pm for the lithotripsy (stone blasting) and then GI is going to do an endoscopy to see what they can find in his lower GI tract, if anything, that would be causing Danny so much grief with his intolerance to his feeds n meds now, as if the kidney stones weren't enough, *sigh*.
Today Dan came down to visit us. Avrianna is still up North with Papa Dan n Nanna Claudia so he didn't have his driving partner with him. Even in the mix of our chaos here at the hospital today, after Danny settled down, Dan and I went out on a "Date". I had a great time.....we went to The Cheesecake Factory (we've never been there before) and sat out on the patio in the warm sunshine n fresh air shooting the breeze for over 2 hours. It's amazing how fast time flies when you are having a great time! The food was great, drinks were better, and the dessert well AWESOME. Can you ever go wrong with Cheesecake? Then we came back fat n sassy, heehee ready to take on another task.....TRACHE change. Dan put in his first trache today, Woohoo! I'm alil jealous how well he did, he handled it better then I did. So now Dan and I are fully trained and are independent on Danny's trache cares. There, now when we get the green light to GO (maybe next year, lol) that will not hold us up any longer then needed. The BIG question...When are we going to get out of here? We'll as we all know Danny dictates what's going to happen around here, but IF (and here I go with the IF's) everything goes smoothly next week and they don't find any new issues with Danny we could break out of here the following Monday after surgery. So we are looking around another 10 days, UGH. Who would have thunk we would be spending the whole summer in the hospital! But thanks a BUNCH for following our story and sending your words of encouragement! Some days that's all I have to keep me sane for another day. Please sign our guestbook or leave a comment we LOVE to hear from you too.

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