Saturday, July 4, 2009

Issues Once Again! Updated

Well I'm done being pissy!! I just had to vent it out and have alil cry, but it's all good. Amazing how staying in here can screw with your emotions so much. But I'm better now and ready to take on the world once again! The tooth is lost :( the xray didn't show a tooth anywhere internally :) so I'm very happy about that. We knew it was going to fall out soon as the intubation episode knocked it loose. So I wasn't a surprise it happened ... just that it happened when I wasn't here and with a suction tip that I specifically said NOT to use. Pretty bummed that I don't have his first tooth out, but the tooth fairy will have to find her way here anyway! I snuggled up with lil man in his bed while he fell asleep watching Animal Planet...what a great way to spend the holiday hanging out with my lil man. He's an AWESOME snuggler! He was a rock star today as he was off the bipap on two occasions, WOOHOO. I was exhausted after that so he's out already and it's only 6:30p, ugh.
Dan and Avrianna called they were on their way to the boat to attempt Avrianna's first tubing ride...OMG I'm going to freak out now, LOL. Assuming no one gets hurt tubing (I swear they are not going to be happy till I'm totally grey) then Dan is taking Avrianna to the Water Ski Show and off the see the fireworks. Hope they have a blast. I miss them so much!!
All of you bloggies out there have a safe and happy 4th of July. Thanks for following us and sending us your kind words of encouragement. I have the shades open in the room so maybe Danny and I will be able to see some firework shows for the neighboring areas. We definitely have a great view, What do you think?

My toothless lil man!I finally went out (off the hospital premises) for lunch with another mom. To come back to .......The nurse telling me she used a yankar suction tip cuz the lil sucker that we use fell on the floor and the yankar was here in the room (I tell everyone NOT to use a yankar cuz it's hard and he bites, I told THIS nurse this morning NOT to use it) well she did and he bit down on it.....she said some blood came out so she must have nicked the roof of his mouth or something. She said she threw it away and got the right one out after that. So when I went to check....NO she didn't nick his mouth she pulled out his front tooth. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! ARE YOU F'N KIDDING ME!! I'm so pissed I started to cry, I mean come on.....Am I asking for a level of standard care that can not be given in ICU peds floor. I mean I'm the most vocal pain in the ass mom up here so why in the hell do I get I being paid back for my attitude? Do they like to hear me piss n moan? And then they wonder why I don't leave the room. Now she is being so nice and back tracking~ telling stories about her kids swallowing things.....but I'm sorry being nice doesn't cut it! I mean WTF ~ your kids swallowing something is totally different then you pulling out my sons tooth out after I just told you not to use that and then losing it, swallowing it, or aspirating on it. He is being consulted for a trach cuz of his poor breathing and airway and you pull this, Seriously I'm going NUTS just when I think it'll be ok he is with nurses, I get f*&^ed. Hell not me my son does and that PISSES ME OFF. I'm so mad I'm speechless....I know right? His first tooth gone,I can't find it anywhere. I have all of Avrianna's teeth, an now Danny's is GONE the first one! I know it's just a tooth, but I'll never have that first tooth back again. I hope he just swallow it and I will get it back! They called xray and they are coming up to see if he aspirated it in his lungs...OMG if that happened I am going to go postal. GET YOU SHIT TOGETHER!!!


Jamie said...

OMG Lori! This totally sucks! I can't believe the extremely poor quality of care you and Danny are getting up there. Don't they get it!? You are not an easy person to piss off, and obviously they did a mighty fine job of doing it. Geez, sounds like I might have to follow through with my off to come there and help you bitch slap them people right into shape. Un-freeking-believable!
I hope you and lil man get to see a fireworks show tonight- outside your room that is. Hehe. Here's wishing you two get to brak out of there very soon!

Becky and Regan said...

I'm so sorry:( Next time maybe she should walk the five feet or so to another room and get exactly what a child is used to having. And after the fact, did she not check his mouth to see exactly where he was bleeding?!?! Being in a hospital stinks, I hope you guys are able to get out of dodge very soon. I"m glad you're feeling better and I hope Danny got to see some awesome fireworks.