Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Danny is in OR ~ WOOHOO! They were running late in surgery, but that's ok as long as lil man gets taken care of. They said it could be 2.5-3 hours to complete the procedure. My biggest concern is that I had to repeat to them the reason why Dr Durkee was having Danny in surgery. On their paperwork it looked to be that he was going in to take care of the cyst on the right kidney first then if all went well he was going for the small stone in the left..HMMMMM, UM NO! The stone on the left is a 1 cm stone which is NOT small and it is the PRIMARY reason for going down. I told everyone in the preop clan before they took him down....that Danny had better not come back to this room with the stone or I'm going to be one UNHAPPY MOMMA! If they can get to the cyst then woohoo, bonus, but the stone n stent better be GONE. Danny had been miserable since the stent has been placed. Now I'm very nervous and anxious even more.
Ok just before I hit send they called to the room.....they were able to get up the left ureter and find the cyst pocket in the left kidney that also had a small stone in it. They are lazoring it right now. This is good news....except I hope they are still going for the trouble spot the right side.
I went down and got him a HUGE balloon that sings for when he comes back into the room, it plays the song from "Friends". LOL ~ what fun we have here. That's all I know right now, I will post again later.

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