Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Tomorrow at 3 pm my lil man should be in surgery for his kidney stone and cyst. From what I gather they are going to pull out the stent and try to go up into the kidney with a probe to "blast" the stone. Then they flush out the kidney for the particles to wash out so they may have to insert another stent if they think he is going to pass more particles after the procedure. Lets hope they get them all out and we don't have to worry about another stent as Danny hasn't done well with this one being in. Now if for some reason they pull the stent out and the ureter is still too narrow....I've gotten two different case scenarios from two different docs. First one told me that they normally put in a bigger stent and try again later, of course, I disputed that option highly. The other is to open him up and go get the whole stone out that way. I would rather that then put him through another stent ordeal. So I am going to let them know that if they go in through his willy wonka and can't get the stone to NOT put another stent in and open him up. I will keep you posted tomorrow as I everything plays out.
Today was a relatively uneventful day. Danny's pain was pretty much under control, with just a couple bouts of crying out and us having to press the pain pump. His "newest" issue is lack of peeing today. Well it actually started last night.....where he hadn't peed in awhile so they cath'd him. They didn't get much out at 9pm, he peed over night 115 (which over nite is usually 300-400), then all day he only peed out not even 100 (which should be close again to 300-400). So where did all the peepee go? The doctor don't seem too much concerned as of yet, but you can bet I will bringing this up to Palliative care and Urology tomorrow. My concern is the stone fell down and is blocking the opening of the stent not allowing the peepee to drop from the kidney to the bladder, but I was told that really isn't a possibility. Hmmmmm, my Mommy gut is saying something different? Well we'll all see tomorrow. I crawled into Danny's bed tonight and we watched Peter Pan and then Tinker Bell together, it was nice to have some snuggle time with my lil man. As lately he hasn't wanted to be even touched he's been so sensitive. Then I sat back and had a glass of wine (thanks a million Meghan), I'm writing this and then heading of to bed.
Today I also had a nice meeting with a women that is interested in home nursing for Danny, if we should ever be able to get out of here, LOL. She was very nice and I think she would do great with him. Now just figuring out a schedule that will work for everyone. Between all the interested nurses I can have full time nursing, but I'm not sure WE are ready for full time yet. So I have to discuss things with Dan, have a heart to heart with myself, and see where everyone stands if I'm not ready to go full board into full time nursing right away. I agree and have excepted that I need help once in awhile with Danny but having a nurse around everyday for 8 hours Mon-Fri, I just don't see the need yet? My thought is to start with them 2-3 times a week from anywhere of 4-8 hr shift depending on the day and what's going on, and then maybe a weekend a month. I'm not sure yet, but I'm hoping to get a better grip/idea as you all know I like to have some what of a "game plan" and be prepared before things happen. Yeah the OCD is starting to kick in, LOL.
Thanks again for following our ever lasting story. I have has alot of you ask how am I doing with my new diagnosis of MS. Well I'm doing well....weirdly enough most of my symptoms of subsided right now so all it good there. I haven't been able to start my treatment yet, as I've been here since the diagnosis and I need to be trained on my daily injections before I can start them. I appreciate all of you kind and encouraging words. Please sign our guestbook or leave a comment as we always like to hear from you too


Debi Walters said...

Good Morning Lori,

I am thinking of you guys today (and everyday) and will pray that everything goes smoothly with surgery. Hope you are home soon!!!
Debi walters

Anonymous said...

Following your blog and hoping like heck that after tomorrow's ordeal, things will begin to look up for you all.
At least there's a " game plan" lol.
Good luck Danny!Get feeling better soon :)