Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So I've been posting alot of downers lately...sorry for that bloggies! I honestly don't like to be so negative n down, but being an "advocate" pretty much means stepping it up, LOL. I know I'm very Opinionated but being so negative isn't really my thing, I was starting to not like myself.
Well today is better, so far...............WE slept through the night last night! The first night in over a week Danny has slept past 2:30. It's amazing how wonderful you feel once we've woken up to a full nights of sleep. SMILE! That also shows how long I've been here (we got admitted her on June 26th so a month tomorrow) when I can have a good nights sleep on these couch/beds, LOL! It's A Good Day!!!! It's just a small step but as small as it is, I'll take it. He is definitely not a happy boy this morning so I'll have my work cut out for me today with trying to keep him comfortable but we BOTH have had a good nites sleep to aid in conquering today.
My dad is coming down to visit later today so I'll post later this evening on today's events.

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Jamie Bork said...

Hey Lori, Just caught up on your blog. Sorry it's been a few days, I've been sick. Anyway - can't you talk to Danny's doc in the valley and get Danny out of their!? My god, it really sounds like they are hell bent on killing that kid. Stand your ground momma! You are right! Get Danny out of there before they really screw things up for him. I can't believe there isn't someone in the valley here that can get the job done for little man. This has gone on way too long. Stick to your guns...bitchy or not, your child is sick/in pain and they aren't doing anything to help. Make them! Stay strong girl. I'm thinking about you and praying something gets done soon to help your little guy. Give hugs for me to everyone.