Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stressful end to the Day

Danny's afternoon went well...he was up, alert, and I even got a smile or two out of him. As you can see he looked AWESOME!! He and I snuggled in his bed and watched a few shows and a movie (I can't remember the last time I sat around and watched so much tv before, wow). I was a great afternoon with just he and I. Then around 4 shit it the fan....literally! He started to wretch so hard that he was shooting flem out of his trach, along with his mouth n nose, as I tried to vent his g-tube to relieve some pressure. Again I need like 8 hands when he does that so I can suction everything. Then started the diarrhea, OMG! He had five full diapers in a matter of 3 hours and has been a wretching fool so we just gave him some zofran, that should help with the nausea. Well the feedings are NOT agreeing with him AT ALL. We have stopped the formula feeds for now and replaced it with just pedialyte through the night. We'll see in rounds what else they have up their sleeve. Not too much to report other then I've been at his bed side most of the afternoon n evening to catch, suction and wipe the goo!

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