Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Danny's Prevacid was added back today. I had them keep his feeds low without increasing them to add some of his meds back on orally. Unfortunately after about 25 minutes he started to wretch. To the point that we had major secretions coming out his trache, nose, and mouth. That required an SOS call out to the nurse for help...boy why can't I have more hands, LOL. So all meds are back on IV with the food staying where it was at. Maybe another day :( ..
I was able to have a chat with Patient Relations today and we had a nice conversation. Not too much to report so I guess it was a ok day. I am tired so it will be a early night tonight. Danny is still in discomfort and my heart just aches for him. I so wish I could take all the pain away and that I could find the actual source of the pain. I am doing my best at this hide n seek game with him. Thanks for all of your support!

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