Sunday, July 12, 2009


Today is becoming just a repeat of yesterday.......and yesterday wasn't so HOT, well Danny was. Lil man woke up yesterday at 1am and was agitated and shaking in bed. By 8am he spiked a fever, heart rate jumped and was breathing REALLY fast. So they ran blood cultures, urine cultures, pick line cultures, and spit cultures. He is miserable! He didn't nap at all yesterday but we finally got him to sleep around 9:30pm.....then he woke up this morning at 2:30am, so here we go again. Obviously he is in some pain.....but where? So far the blood tests from yesterday have come back alil off but nothing that sticks out as of yet. I'm sure they will do more tests today to see how things are going. Of course we have a new batch of docs so they always go to the seizure disorder first. I knew it wasn't seizures, they didn't look like seizure, and he isn't acting like he is in a seizure.....but what do I know. They ended up calling in an EEG tech (she was at home) to come in and do a 30minute EEG, guess what.............NO SEIZURES. Now that was surprising! Don't check out the kidney stone we KNOW he has, that was suppose to be taken out on Monday, but the trache trumped the stone. Don't look into the VRE that we KNOW he has, as if this bacteria ends up an infection then he is in a world of hurt. Which I've found is all over the floor here so I'm almost positive is was a bug that was GIVEN to him not something HE got. Don't call the ortho to look at the xrays that shows a possible right hip dislocation (don't even get me started about this one!). One doc says it may be out and the other says no it's Danny normal......UM, He just had a HUGE surgery to put this hip back in so it BETTER NOT be out. Security may have to be called if they tell me it truly is! So needless to say I'm tired and crabby. Doesn't help I have a nurse today that I've already had issues with, so..........................? Good news:
1. Danny is still going AWESOME with the trache.....I'm so glad we got him comfortable with that, now if we only could get him better so he can enjoy it.
2. Today is Dan is bringing Avrianna down to visit. I'm so excited!! I haven't seen her in about 3 weeks......I'm going to do some serious loving up on her today! Danny got her a few I MISS YOU gifts, so we'll give her those today too :) I will post again later when I know if/what/when things are going to on, but it's a weekend so Don't hold you breath!

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