Monday, July 27, 2009

Last night was pretty decent for Danny, woohoo. He slept till 4:30am and then after a dose of benadryl he fell asleep till 6:30am. From what I gather the PCA/narcotic can make some of the kiddo's feeling itchy so the nurses thought not only for the itchy feeling but maybe he'll sleep longer with the benadryl. Which he did, Yay! Danny has been in a pretty good mood most of the day today too. I even got smirk out of him's so nice to see him not in constant pain or sleeping all the time. He is sitting up and watching tv as I type. The nurse and I gave him a bath this morning and changed his linens so he is all clean, SNIFFFFFFF :)
The Urologist came in earlier and unfortunately the scheduler didn't put Danny on the surgery schedule as he had requested yet. So he thought it would be a couple of weeks out yet, WHAT!?! I guess my eyes must have popped out of me head at that moment. I told him we pretty much are just sitting here in "holding" waiting for this surgery....and I'm not going to wait here 2 more week to get it done. I want to go home and be with my family it's been long enough being apart ...I miss them SO MUCH. So if that truly is the case 2weeks out then I think we'll go home, keep his pain under control there, and then come back for the surgery. I NEED to get out of here, before I totally lose my mind. LOL They were going to get back to me today or tomorrow with the date for the stone surgery. UGH
Today Danny did a trial being on a Passy Mur (speaking valve). Can you say ROCK STAR!! He had no troubles with it at all, WooHoo. So we are going to continue working up the time fram using the Passy Mur in hopes he can be on it longer when awake so he can learn to use his voice again. SMILE :)....I'm one HAPPY Momma.
Tomorrow I have another meeting with a nurse that is interested in being more full time and possibly taking over the care coordination for my lil man. I talked with her on the phone today and I have high hopes with her. We'll see how tomorrow's meeting goes.
Avrianna is back up north in Tomahawk getting spoiled rotten by Papa n Claudia. She always has a blast up there and this time they signed her up for VBS at the local church this week so she should enjoy hanging out with more kids. Dan is trying to maintain the old house, new house, and the laundry solo. I'm surprised he hasn't lost his mind as of yet too....I'm sure we are both VERY CLOSE. I so can't wait to get Danny back on track, move in the new house, and getting the nursing in play so we can start to do things as a family again. It's very rough on all of us and we ALL need some much needed fun time TOGETHER!
Figured I would show off our Laundry....The Clothes Hamper ~ IS NOW OPEN!!
We are located on Green Bay Rd in Neenah in the Express building right in front of Pick n Save across the street from the old BIG Lots, and next door to HardeesWe have a variety of machines that can meet ALL of you needs!
It's handicap accessible. There is parking in both the front and rear of the building.
***update Danny surgery is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. Yahoo!!! **** I can only hope that the recovery is just a couple days and we are out of here by the weekend. Now wouldn't that be sweet!

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