Friday, July 17, 2009

Getting somewhere

Well once again Danny has been up burning the midnight oil...he was up at 2:30am. Ok seriously, this is getting old! They gave him, on top of his diladid drip, 2 prn doses which didn't touch him at all. Finally the doctors started giving him oral baclofen, on top of his baclofen pump, which that seemed to do the trick. Danny fell asleep from 10 - it was a very quiet afternoon. I watched a couple of movies and just relaxed. It was nice! Once he was up I did trache cares, bathed him, and we changed his bedding. That was all the excitement...yeah I know REAL exciting! I could definitely tell when the baclofen was wearing off as he was getting very agitated again so we gave him his night dose alil early and again it seems to be doing the trick. I can only hope that we've found the much needed relief for Danny to relax and help him recover. It has been a LONG road and I really would like to start the path to the home stretch. We did start his feeds back up slowly, this morning, with the new formula again, Peptimen Jr, and that too so far is working. Keep your fingers crossed that his gut tolerates the feeding and starts back up again. I'm sure we'll start to see the effects by tomorrow. I really don't want to go home on TPN/lipids if I don't have too, and the sooner he starts to tolerate feedings the better. I got the final test results from this weeks test on Danny's VRE's still positive, ugh. Which means still in isolation. They need 3 weeks in a row of negatives to get out of isolation, even if we were to go home we still need to have the test done on Danny to get the 3 weeks in a row or if he comes back in they will automatically put him in isolation till they get 3 negatives. So a whole lot of nothing today, but we like boring....boring it good.
I'm pretty bummed as tomorrow is my 16yr class reunion. Ya~ leave it to my class to do it a year late, LOVE IT! I was really looking forward to meeting up with everyone once again. It's been forever, and since my new addiction to facebook (thanks again ~ Connie) I've been chit chatting with some classmates so I would love to see them. Well have fun guys, I hope the weather is great, and know that I will be thinking of you.
Thanks for everyone that has been sending your warm wishes to my family, cards, balloons, and gifts. It is very thoughtful ~ thanks again.

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