Sunday, July 26, 2009

On the Move

Danny was up around 2:30am but he was doing ok, not too crabby or anything just awake. Until all hell broke loose about 7:30am. He started crying inconsolably and was miserable. We went through his hourly amount of pain meds in no time so the doctor added on more, thankfully he calmed down and we didn't need to give the added amount before the PCA (pain pump) reset itself and we could start giving the hourly doses again. They tested his urine and there is significant blood shown which is a key indicator that the stone is on the move. UGH!! Tomorrow I will be standing strong to see if they can have Danny on the add on list for surgery to have this taken care of ASAP. Not too sure how getting him in tomorrow is going to work as the doctor was on vacation last week and probably busy, but I want lil man without pain as soon as possible!!
Today was trache change day (we have to do it once a week). The nurse pulled out and I put in. This time he coughed right before I was to put it in, after the nurse pulled out the other, and I freaked out....and I almost froze. The nurse was such a great coach and talked me through it and made me do it. PHEW ~ Thanks Mary! 2nd one under my belt :)

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